ZGD Network Requirements

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If you are looking for the network requirements for our MSZG products please have a look at our article for Gateway Network Requirements.

In most cases the ZGD will work plugged in in any location where an ordinary laptop would work as well. Below is the list of used ports and protocols which can be used to check your firewall configuration against.

Port 67.

Currently defaults to the first server in the list provided by DHCP. If this fails we use hardcoded DNS (google) and toggle back and forth until we get a result. Port 53.

Syncs time at startup and then once per hour. No caching of the server IP so we do a new DNS every time. Port 123.

The gateway will try to connect over TCP to the Munisense cloud. This connection is always initiated from the Gateway. (IP address might change in the future, uses a DNS lookup to ipha.munisense.net)

Firmware update
The gateway will attempt HTTP calls (TCP port 80) to hank.net2grid.net.

ZGD Color Indicator

The ZGD has a LED ring that gives a rudimentary feedback on it's status. The current implementation is as follows:

  • Fast red blink -> Ethernet PHY not detected (usually missing cable)
  • Slow green blink -> Waiting to acquire local IP address via DHCP
  • Slow blue blink -> Waiting to acquire cloud IP address via DNS
  • Low solid blue -> All's well



In the case that there is still a problem but the gateway did receive an IP address, you can query additional debug information at http://[zgd_ip]/adm/info. Please send the output of this call to the Munisense Support for additional help.

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